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Welcome to the home of SimplyWiki!

Based on Wiwimod 0.8.3, SimplyWiki is a native WYSIWYG wiki module for ImpressCMS and XOOPS. After installing the module, simply start by editing the provided default home page to build your wiki. SimplyWiki can also be employed to build a content-rich, read-only site for your visitors.

SimplyWiki extends the core group permissions by allowing you to add custom profiles with different read/edit/administration permissions for each profile.

You can create links to new pages using CamelCase or surrounding your new page name with double square brackets [[Page Name]].

Longer pages can be split into multiple pages, using the [pagebreak] tag in your text.

Page hierarchy is supported with a Parent page for each page and breadcrumb links are at the top of every page.

A unique block can be displayed with related information - the SideContent block displays content based on the current page being viewed.

You can build a custom table of contents using the TOC block. The visible property of pages, combined with the appropriate permissions for each page provides this functionality.

Changes to pages can be saved as new revisions, providing you with a history of changes to each page, and this also gives you the ability to compare and restore earlier versions of the pages.
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